Welcome to Neon Galahad Games

We are a small indie developer based in Australia with a mission to make awesome games.
Available games and current projects can be viewed below:

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Our Games

Magic Six Ball

What secrets does the future hold for us? Perhaps the Magic Six Ball has the answer! Go on and try this free app!

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Super Battle Button

Sometimes the simplest games are the most fun! How fast are you reflexes? Can you compete against the best?

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Project: Monster Siege

This is a work in progress. It is a tactical, resource management type game with a blend of horror!

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Space Captain Howard 2

The successor to the original Space Captain Howard. Features a full storyline, three distinct playable ships with unique weapons! Oh boy!

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Bio Sword Saga

Bio Sword Saga was our very first game, originally developed in Java for Android long, long ago. Due for release May / June 2019.

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Space Captain Howard

An action jam-packed shoot 'em up'. As the last man alive on Earth, everything is on the line for the sake of revenge.

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And many more...

We have a few more projects in the pipeline that we'll resume soon!

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Ready For Action?

Be sure to have fun when you can! Why not give Space Captain Howard a try? No micro-transactions or annoying ads! And you can spend all your hard earned points on upgrades. Do you have what it takes to win?

Maybe plasma cannons, missiles and mega-lasers will even up the odds?

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