About Us

Our Team

Why Do We Make Games?

We're a group of friends who grew up playing many great classic games. Making games has long been a dream for us, and over the years we've discussed many ideas and stories. In the last few years we've decided to take ideas and hopes and turn them into something we can share with others.

What Are Our Goals?

Ultimately, we'd like to make games for PC's and consoles. Starting with mobile devices was the logical start. Projects would start simple, then build up in complexity. The idea is to make games that challenge us in order to build more skills and knowledge so that we may progress our goal.

What's In The Pipeline?

Space Captain Howard II

The follow up to the original Space Captain Howard. We wanted more out of this version and it will be delivered. Features accelerating difficulty paired with a bullet hell system. The addition of many extra bullets allows for more opportunities to control the difficulty and game play experience. The graphics has been boosted up to 1080P, and there were many optimisations made (which were also passed onto SCH in an performance patch). This will also be our first game to have a planned release for X-Box - and two player cooperative is going to happen. Unfortunately, this game has faced a lot of delays due to the sheer amount of graphics and pixel art needed, and with demanding jobs and no funding it has been extremely difficult to progress in our spare time. But that won't stop this game from a release this year. Once the Siege game is released, this will follow quickly after!

Monster Siege

This game was created with no planning or design specs, and was intended to just be a free expression of game development. This approach allowed the game to be developed faster from scratch, and it appeared to have potential to a point. However, the game required a redesign to give it sufficient strategic depth. This game features a blend of real time resource management, ability usage and evolving build synergies.