Dev Blogs


15th February 2020

While there have been no updates to the website, there has been significant progress on developing this game. It is now complete, subject to player testing. A lot of testing and tuning has been done, and with twenty levels it simply became very time consuming and draining to a point. There are plenty of enemies, bullet patterns and bosses to balance. Surprisingly there are quite a few left over boss graphics that never quite made it into the game, so there may be scope to augment or replace some existing bosses with the more sophisticated, multi-phased type.

The boss design has been a challenging part of development. It is important to have enough variation between the bosses so they don't all play the same. Apart from bullet patterns, there are some other abilities thrown in to spice things up. Nuclear bombs force you to move, EMP explosions can shut down your weapons temporarily and flash bangs can make your pilot dizzy. On occasion homing missiles and giant plasma shots are thrown in for fun. Combined with a repair bay to prolong the player's ship, boss fights are also quite fair and usually over in twenty or so seconds.

The next little project will be around improving the organisation and planning of projects to speed things up. After that work can resume on overhauling the gameplay of Monster Siege.