Dev Blogs


13th April 2020

The Monster Siege has returned to my focus, and I am trying to finish this game. It is undergoing a massive overhaul in terms of gameplay and experience. Rather than adhoc it, this round is designed understanding the flaws of the design - that is, the gameplay was too static. The new system will feature a wider range of abilities determined by turret types, counts and base upgrades. Additionally there will the opportunity to manifest shadow artifacts and components for the base, further forcing the player to adapt tactics.

Other key features are a revamp of the intelligence screen, where you could previously just buy information about the shadow entities attributes, resistances and abilities. It was informative, but it didn't really help much in terms of changing tactics. The newer version features cumulative scans, followed by a protocol that enhances combat in some way. If a player doesn't upgrade the base's battle processor, then over time the amount of information that can be revealed will diminish. While a player can still choose a protocol, it will be a blind choice. Combined with the other randomness coming in, it should make for quite a varied gameplay experience. Here's hoping anyway.