Dev Blogs


21st August 2021

Similar to the last post (which had just been gathering dust instead of being posted), no huge updates but a lot of progress has been made. As usual, time was prioritised towards working on games. The Siege game has progressed even further and makes for quite a solid game after a few rounds of balancing and design adjustments. It isn't too brutal yet - getting the difficulty curve right is critical. It also needs more variation in battles, since it feels a bit relentless at times. For this game we want to really nail the gameplay, story and soundtrack. And then we need to nail and implement a marketing plan for it. Marketing will be quite tricky with limited resources and time, but we'll see what we can do.

Space Captain Howard II has progressed too, it is now playable with a control pad. Part of the plan is to do an XBox release of it. Two player coop mode would be ideal, but it does require some restructuring. If the game is reasonably successfull we'll look at making it cooperative. Difficulties have been added, and graphics have also been improved further. There are no other future aspirations for Space Captain Howard II. It needs some more testing and a marketing plan.

A new project is in the works, but won't progress until these two games are out.