Dev Blogs


13th November 2019

Magic Six hasn't had an update in eons. This is the simplest app we have, but still packs some soul and style. Being a very simple project, it is very easy to update. I decided to add another magic six ball image, with this one having a darker, withdoctor type theme. Since it is only a 2D application adding more graphics is straightforward.

All the balls access the same pool of answers at the moment, but in the future we are looking to give each graphic it's own personality. A standard magic eight ball has a portion of positive, negative and neutral answers. Each individual personality will have shifted weighting towards positive, negative and neutral answers. Along with some of their own exclusive answers.

While it is nothing groundbreaking, it might add a little more to the experience. Another idea might be to give each personality an amount of energy, and once drained they stop providing answers. Or perhaps the energy results in greater animations. So in the next update I'll look at implementing this.