Dev Blogs


13th December 2019

It has been a challenging year finding time to work on our projects after our regular jobs. Most effort has gone into Space Captain Howard 2, which is fairly polished and needs several more levels designed, built and tested. Bio Sword Saga has also been upgraded to HD where possible and ported for iOS, and we hope to release in early 2020. The Siege game also consumed a lot of time, the original gameplay has been mostly scrapped since it was too predictable and static. A new design is being built slowly, with the goal of adding intense decision making and an unpredictable progression path.

Delving into the Space Captain Howard sequel, it has had to change significantly from a hard core survival game to something accessible to everyone. In it's current form the game is still challenging, but not overwhelming. The amount of bullets fired by enemies was reduced by around 50%. Initial spawning of enemies has been increased a good amount to occupy the player early in the level, while the accelerating difficulty has been reduced sharply for the first few levels. As the player progresses, the difficulty gradually increases as the player becomes more accustomed to the gameplay.

A key feature of the game is a Super Bomb button, which allows the player to basically reset the playing field and catch up. In the campaign mode, super bombs can be replenished. For those who liked the original Space Captain Howard, there will either be a difficulty setting or a New Game+ mode to bring a challenge. And of course, there are survival levels to play too. The difficulty for the survival levels is in close parity to the original game.

Other features will be a team based effort with your co-pilots. Expect some assistance from them when you are in trouble!