Space Captain Howard

Space Captain Howard is a survival shoot em up, after all he is the last man alive after an alien empire destroys all civilization. It is your duty to avenge mankind by destroying as many of the enemy as you can in a blaze of glory! Choose your tactics, take risks to level up and gain more fire power, but don't be suckered into a trap!

Try out the different weapons, each with strengths and weaknesses. How long can you survive?

Next Planned Update

Level Balancing
For the most part, this game is optimally designed and changing things will break the delicate balance it has. However, the Solarus level could use some love since it is too difficult.

Improve Pixel Art
As an experiment, we may look to see how well AI can upscale the pixel art. If it does well, then the graphics could be improved.

Available now on Google Play and the AppStore!