Dev Blogs


29th April 2021

It has been too long since the web site has been updated - sorry for that. The last year has posed significant challenges, and unfortunately time was harder to find. Priorities went to game work, rather than the web site. Based off the last screenshot of the Monster Siege, I can see that it really has progressed to what had been aspired to. That long list of items is worked through - it did take a lot of effort and testing. The first changes to the gameplay as per design made a good impact on gameplay, and inspired ideas. One of the main items that needs attention is balancing - this will be key since the game revolves around risk / reward.

Among other items, Space Captain Howard II was picked up, tested and refined. Amazing how many bugs one finds after not touching a project for a year. The game is in great shape, just needs the sound track to be completed, and some kind of marketing plan. An intro video on YouTube could be in the works, will see how energy and time go!

Hoping to finalise the two games and launch them soon. Keen to start a new project.