Super Battle Button

A quirky but simple game with only one rule that anyone can play! Choose one of eight characters and compete for the world title. Use special abilities to get an edge. To win you will need instinct, speed and patience. Sometimes frantic pace will win the battle, other times it will cause you to lose.

This is nearing completion with a few balances and bug fixes and has been a fun little project to work on. Unlike our other games, we've chosen a minimalistic approach to GUI and game play. This of course has sped up development.

Also featured is a two player battle mode - that's right, you can play against your friends!

Next Planned Update

More Random Players
The list of possible player names could always be increased! We'll also review the mechanics to see if a bit more strategic depth / fun can be added to the game.

Improve Graphics
Reviewing the graphics, animations and transitions will also be done to improve the visual experience.