Dev Blogs


22th July 2019

As with any sequel, it is important to improve upon the original where possible. There is always a balance between adding or changing the original gameplay. Often times people are quite happy to see graphic updates while the game play remains similar. A similar approach is taken with this game, though it is necessary to add in a few new enemy types and dangers. One new enemy type are battle platforms. It is essentially a floating deck with one or more turrets that shoot blazing fast bullets at the player. While it is still just an enemy, it will be a high threat one that will occasionally appear. Other additions to gameplay will include some temporary status conditions, but nothing too heavy or complex.

Another feature that sees further improvement are parallax scrolling foregrounds, which enhances the feel of the different environments. The scrolling foregrounds are optional, and can be either enabled or disaled in the graphic settings. While I haven't seen any slowness caused by these on my test phone, it possible some cheap phones or tablets with decent resolution but underpowered graphics may struggle to hit 60fps when there are some layers of transparency involved.

As of now, the game is ready for testing - most of which will take place in the survival mode. Once any imbalances are corrected, the campaign will proceed at full steam ahead.