Dev Blogs


25th June 2019

With quite a few projects in the pipeline, I've been focusing primarily on Space Captain Howard 2. It has been a fairly large project, and it has consumed most of spare time in the last several weeks. Unlike the predecessor, this game has a campaign mode which means it needs multiple levels. Unfortunately my tile based maps looked unsuitable and inconsistent with the rest of the game. Ultimately I had to design a ton of levels, twenty four in total. There are a variety of backgrounds, broken down by chapters in the story.

For those of you who played the first game, Troyo makes a return for the survival mode. It will look similar to the original, but more alien. The architecture of the mega city is purely geometrical with an absence of curves, giving it a technoglogically advanced appearance.

The game doesn't all take place on planet earth thankfully. This helps to vary the backgrounds. There will be proper bosses in the story and they will be challenging. When they appear the amount of bullets on screen may shock some. Common and elite units will stop spawning for about twenty five seconds, allowing you to focus all firepower on the boss. Of course there will be some enjoyable surprises like homing missiles, EMP and dizzying light fields to add to the challenge.

The Ramparts level also makes a return, though it is more detailed than the first iteration. This level was intended to be a super scale factory for producing and recycling enemy craft and weapons. The challenge will be updated to include fun things like rotating lightning spires. Every level will need to offer something different to keep gameplay interesting, but I won't spoil many more secrets here.