Space Captain Howard 2

The follow up to the original Space Captain Howard. It has been under gradual development over a few years, delays mostly caused by time constraints - games are worked on after work in our free time. Additionally, attempting to use tile-based pixel art maps didn't work out. Pixel art consumes significant time, and unfortunately it didn't look very good.

Despite being in development for so long, the core design has changed in small ways to capture the essence of the original game. The new bullet hell system allowed for greater variation in enemies, but also in boss design. The biggest change to gameplay in fact would be the introduction are bosses and more complex bullet patterns. Graphics have been boosted to 1080P and it is looking very polished. Some graphics have been created in 4K for a possible X-Box release (depends how well this game does). The game is effectively complete and just requires testing before a release - very likely March 2020.

- Choice of three pilots with unique ships, weapons and story perspective
- Upgradeable weapons and ship components to customise gameplay
- Full blown story campaign with RPG style dialogue
- Take your upgraded ship and see how you fare in the Gauntlet Mode

We do plan on adding a few upgrades over time, the type of upgrades will depend on how well the game does in the market.

Planned Updates

New Game Plus - 1000 Full Game Purchases
This will allow the player to restart the campaign with their current ship and to continue upgrading further. Provisions have been made for difficulty. Easily acheived by increasing enemy bullet speed, health and adding to the level duration.

Weapons Overhaul - 2500 Full Game Purchases
There is potential to further improve the weapon systems. A sub-menu could be offered to upgrade key aspects of each weapon such as damage, critical chance, piercing. This could be extended to the sub-weapon systems too. A graphic overhaul would be nice too. The direction depends on player feedback.

Fourth Pilot - 5000 Full Game Purchases
Ava mentions that she worked with a small, elite crew to pull off her escape. Designing a fourth pilot and ship involves a fair amount of design work, particularly around new weapon systems.

Targetting March/April 2020!