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28th August 2018

Our very first game was due for an overhaul, it unfortunately stopped working past Android 5. The main obstacle was that it was developed in Java (under Eclipse IDE) which I had no intention of re-learning.

Porting this into Unity would be an interesting project. I had previously ported the Magic Six Ball app, and that was dead easy. The syntax differences and basic structures of the code were very similar. Actually making the game in Unity requires a different approach though, and that it is to use it's GUI and features and forget the old world of coding in x and y coordinates.

The first step was analysis. I found an old phone which had the game and played it, paying attention to gameplay. Followed by taking screenshots of every screen. My anaylsis was purely on a visual level, because I knew it would be faster to rebuild the user interface in Unity rather than read through old code.

For a start, the graphic assets for the backgrounds were in 480x320. This meant that I'd have to redo most of the user interface graphics. The maps were done in TMX tiles, and were still very useable.

The determining factor in whether I proceeded was the resolution of the monster animations - thankfully they were done at a higher resolution that would pass.