Dev Blogs


21st October 2018

There are plenty of backgrounds and GUI components to upgrade. I also rejoiced at not having to manually code in a texture atlas. No more X, Y, width, height. Unity provides a nice GUI for configuring texture atlases. Considering the game was being built from scratch, I did not have to review the original texture atlases and the process was much quicker.

Once one of the images was upgraded, it was great to see how clear it rendered in game. The images have a clean character, there are not many fine details. Some of the backgrounds looked a bit bare, but this was addressed by rejigging the interface until it looked satisfactory.

Bit by bit the game was coming together. The main menu structure was easily done in a day, but fine tuning it's appearance took place over several days. Creating the combat was the most complex part. However, I only had to port existing mechanics over from java. All the maths was already done and didn't need any adjustments.

The longest and most gruelling part was setting up the animations for all the monsters. It was fairly simple, but repetitive. All worth it in the long run, seeing Goblon alive. The effects were all achieved using the animation controller - gone are the days of manually coding in colour transitions and fade effects!