Dev Blogs


15th November 2018

The maps are a large part of the adventure experience. For this game to be ported, I would need to make it open world as opposed to a waypoint system. A waypoint system would have been far too much work. Instead the challenge was to get a joystick added and integrated with Deuel.

Open maps also required a design change. The simplest method was to use enemy nodes as gateways. You must defeat an enemy to progress to the next area - which was essentially the same as the waypoint system. An important part of testing was to make sure the player could not slip or tunnel through the walls to bypass enemies.

Even if they can, the game is robust enough to handle the level difference and not crash. Thereotically the player can win, but the monster will obviously be tougher.

Given the opportunity of the map being more open, it would be cool to add a little interaction with the player. Adding secret areas, lootable chests would encourage a player to explore and be rewarded. Cannons and arbalests are also present at some places to make the player dodge projectiles. If they get hit, their starting health is reduced for the next round.

Not hugely complicated, but enough to add a little extra to the gaming experience.